Welcome to our new blog: It’s all about physical protection

Take a look around, and you’ll quickly discover that in one sense, we humans are not that different from many other creatures. Birds have their nests. Bears have their dens. Humans have their buildings. Like all animals, our sense of physical security is deeply connected to how we protect ourselves. Not just from the elements, but from predators, thieves and intruders of all kinds.

In fact, protecting buildings from outside attack has been a key concern ever since our ancestors built their very first dwellings. And along with technology, building protection has evolved all through the ages.

Whenever someone came up with a protective architectural feature, someone else tried to figure out a way around it. What happened when the Good Guys built a high wall? The Bad Guys invented the battering ram and perfected the ladder. So the Good Guys built an even higher wall that was too thick to break through and too high to climb? That was a great reason for the Bad Guys’ to invent the catapult.

Physical security continues to develop in our globalized post 9/11 world, where the threats to our physical security are constantly changing.

Today, we describe the purpose of physical security as follows: To physically protect people, buildings, resources, operations and critical infrastructure from acts of terrorism, crime, sabotage, espionage and other intentional damage.

That’s a pretty tall order. And that’s what motivates us at Damasec Physical Protection Systems every day.

We hope you enjoy our new blog, where we plan on addressing a number of physical protection issues that we think you will find important. Please let us know what you think with your comments and constructive criticism. The Good Guys need to stick together.


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